Am I a candidate for corneal transplant?

Corneal transplant | Cape Fear Cataract & Cornea, P.A. | Wilmington, NC At Cape Fear Cataract and Cornea, Wilmington, NC area patients can seek treatment for their eyesight and eye concerns with Dr. Brian Groat. The practice offers a wide selection of services and treatments, including corneal transplants. Some patients require corneal transplants to both improve their vision and their overall quality of life. Many patients ask if they are a candidate for corneal transplant, and if so, what they can expect.

What is a corneal transplant?

Dr. Brian Groat describes the cornea as the “window” to the eyes. It is the dome-shaped portion that is responsible for most of the light-focusing and refractive power of the actual eye. When patients have been diagnosed with corneal diseases such as Fuchs’ dystrophy or bullous keratopathy, they may need to have their cornea replaced.

Who is a candidate for corneal transplant?

Patients who have a corneal disease or have experienced a previously failed cornea transplant may be considered appropriate candidates for treatment. With a corneal transplant, patients can restore their overall vision which in turn improves the quality of life. To determine candidacy, patients are encouraged to schedule a consultation visit with Dr. Brian Groat and his team to discuss their condition. If patients are appropriate candidates for corneal transplant surgery, they can schedule their procedure with the team at Cape Fear Cataract and Cornea of Wilmington, NC.

What can I expect from a corneal transplant surgery?

Following corneal transplant surgery, patients need to wear an eye patch and later, an eye shield or glasses to protect the eyes until they are fully healed. Patients may feel as though their eye is itching or irritated. However, it is important to avoid rubbing the eye as it can cause damage. Vision may be blurry for a while, but this will often clear up on its own over time as the eye heals. Eyedrops may be used to facilitate faster healing and ensure the eyes do not dry out.

Are you ready to find out if you are a candidate for corneal transplant surgery?

The team of Cape Fear Cataract and Cornea in Wilmington, NC is pleased to provide patients with a solution to their concerns. Dr. Brian Groat is located at 1915 South 17th Street, Ste. 101 and can be reached for an appointment by calling (910) 769-4590.

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