Exploring the Best Chronic Dry Eye Treatment Options

Tired,Teen,Girl,Rubbing,Dry,Irritable,Eyes,Feel,Eye,Strain Do your eyes feel constantly scratchy? Do they sting or burn or feel uncomfortable, even when it’s not dry and windy outside? Continuous symptoms like these may mean it’s time to explore dry eye treatment options. You may be surprised to learn that many other symptoms are associated with dry eyes.

Most Common Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Common symptoms of dry eyes include that stinging, burning, or scratchy feeling that won’t go away and a perpetual feeling that you’re in the wind. But dry eye symptoms don’t end there. Light sensitivity, a feeling like something is in your eyes, redness, stringy mucus in or around your eyes, blurred vision or eye fatigue after prolonged reading or computer use, difficulty driving at night, and watery eyes are all symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome.

Dry Eye Treatment Options

Naturally, treatment depends on the cause and symptoms of dry eyes. In general, eye doctors take a multifaceted approach to treatment that starts with lifestyle modifications and becomes increasingly more advanced based on patient needs. Most dry eye treatment options aim to restore moisture, improve the quality of tears, and reduce tear evaporation. These may include holistic, nonsurgical, and surgical treatment options, such as:

  • Lifestyle and Environmental Modifications: Reducing eye strain with scheduled breaks, adding moisture into the air, and increasing omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Artificial Tears and Eyelid Wipes: Over-the-counter solutions such as artificial tears and eyelid scrubs may be recommended depending on the cause and symptoms of dry eyes.
  • Prescription Medications: More severe dry eyes may require the addition of prescription medications like anti-inflammatory eye drops, corticosteroids, or antibiotics.
  • In-Office and Surgical Procedures: In more advanced cases, patients with dry eyes may require procedures such as inserting punctal plugs to limit tear drainage, cautery to close drainage holes permanently, or surgical treatment of an underlying disease.

With so many treatment options available today, there’s no need to suffer with dry eyes any longer.

Are You Ready to Explore Your Dry Eye Treatment Options?

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