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Lifestyle Lenses | Brian Goat

Lifestyle lens options in Wilmington, NC clinic

Dr. Brian Groat of Cape Fear Cataract and Cornea in Wilmington, NC is pleased to offer solutions for patients who have vision correction needs. Patients who are considering freeing themselves from traditional eyewear are invited to book an evaluation with our staff to determine if they are desirable candidates for lifestyle lenses. Our clinic offers […]

Sunglasses For Summer

We are in summer-prep mode and there’s so much to get done before we can officially call it summer. We’re finishing spring cleaning, shopping for swimsuits, and finalizing the plans on exciting summer vacation trips. But, there’s one thing you should check on before you go off camping or vacationing this summer: sunglasses. Now is […]

What is a Pterygium?

A pterygium (also referred to as “surfer’s eye”) is a wing-shaped growth of tissue that often extends from the moist conjunctiva over to the cornea of the eye. Pterygiums can cause dryness and irritation in your eyes, leading to frustration. A pterygium can move into the cornea of the eye, leading to blindness in severe […]

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