Cataract Surgery Without the Blade


Cataract surgery has long been one of the most successful surgeries performed around the world, and technology continues to make it even better. We addressed one aspect of this in last September’s blog on premium intraocular lenses for cataract replacement.

Another area is bladeless advanced laser cataract surgery. Dr. Groat offers this alternative option for cataract surgery for our patients from Wilmington and the surrounding areas.

What is laser-assisted cataract surgery?

In laser-assisted cataract surgery with Dr. Groat, a femtosecond laser (LenSx) is used to make the corneal incision and to remove the anterior capsule of the lens. The laser then is used again to make a series of cuts in the cataract-clouded lens. Then the ultrasound probe is inserted, as with traditional cataract surgery, to finish breaking up and suctioning out the clouded natural lens prior to placing the new, crystal-clear intraocular lens.

By adding the femtosecond laser to the procedure, Dr. Groat can bypass the need to use a surgical blade. This adds a whole level of precision to this procedure.

How is laser-assisted cataract surgery different from traditional cataract surgery?

For cataract surgery, Dr. Groat uses our LenSx laser in three areas. After the laser software creates a 3D image of your eye, the incision location is mapped. Then he uses the femtosecond laser to create the incision in the cornea, removing the anterior capsule of the lens. This provides access to the cataract-clouded lens. For its second job, the laser is used to make a series of cuts in the cataract-clouded lens. This laser scoring of the lens reduces the amount of ultrasound energy needed to break up the lens before suctioning it out. The third possible use of the laser is if you have astigmatism: the laser can create the peripheral corneal incisions that reduce astigmatism. By using the laser for the entry incision, scoring the cataract, and making peripheral incisions, Dr. Groat never needs to use a surgical blade.

What are the advantages of laser-assisted cataract surgery?

At Cape Fear Cataract & Cornea, Dr. Groat believes in staying at the forefront of eye surgery technology and the femtosecond laser is a jump forward. Here are some advantages and benefits for our patients to using this laser for cataract surgery:

  • The computer guidance provides greater surgical precision.
  • All incisions can be made with the laser. This removes the use of any surgical blades.
  • Laser scoring of the clouded lens before removal reduces the amount of ultrasound energy needed to break up the lens.
  • When opening the capsule, the laser creates far less potential for tearing the capsule than when using forceps.
  • When breaking up the cataract, the laser creates less heat, which lowers the risk of damaging the incision.

Are you interested in bladeless laser cataract surgery with Dr. Groat? Call us at Cape Fear Cataract & Cornea, (910) 769-4590, to schedule your consultation.

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