Using drops and lubricants for dry eyes

Dry eyes is a condition that can be extremely bothersome for men and women. When the eyes are dry, they are often red, irritated, and itchy. Some patients may experience dry eye due to an underlying condition, while some patients just experience it irregularly due to changes in their environment, such as seasonal allergy season. In many cases, Dr. Brian Groat and his team at Cape Fear Cataract and Cornea of Wilmington, NC may suggest the use of special eye drops and lubrications for addressing the problems associated with the dry eye condition.

What do lubricants address?

Patients who use eye drops and lubricants for dry eyes are essentially using products that address deficiencies in the eyes, including the:

  • Mucin layer
  • Water layer
  • Oil layer

Addressing the underlying issue is always the most desirable way to address dry eyes, while products are more geared towards comfort caused by the condition.

What types of products are available for patients with dry eyes?

There are several different products that may be available for patients struggling with dry eyes. Many of them can be purchased over-the-counter or may be obtained with a prescription at the pharmacy. Dr. Brian Groat may recommend any of the following products to address the symptoms of dry eyes:

  • Eye drops
  • Eye gels
  • Drops for MGD and blepharitis
  • Eye ointments
  • Preservative-free eye drops

The severity of the dry eye condition will greatly impact the type of drop recommended. Some are short-term solutions such as artificial tear drops, which may be need to be administered several times a day. Others are better for use before going to sleep or for more severe dry eyes that are a chronic problem. Discussing your options with a medical professional is the first step in determining the solution most appropriate for an individual’s unique needs. If the underlying reason for dry eyes cannot be addressed, these solutions should be considered.

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