Common conditions that can impact the retina

istock 494145297 Dr. Brian Groat sees patients everyday who are interested in monitoring their eye and vision health. With routine, comprehensive eye examinations, many can catch certain retinal conditions that can lead to permanent vision impairment or loss. Additionally, our team of professionals work closely with patients to help them choose treatment options best suited for their specific condition. There are many diseases that can impact the retina, which lines the back of the eye, so knowing what to look for and being familiar with these conditions allows individuals to be well-educated on changes that might be occurring as they age. 

What are common retinal conditions seen by Dr. Brian Groat? 

Below are just a few of the more typical conditions that impact retinal health and function: 

  •         Floaters: inside of the eye is the vitreous, which appears as a gel-like consistency. Sometimes, this gel-like fluid can clump, causing shadows or “floaters” in one’s eyesight. These are typically harmless and can be broken up with laser therapies.
  •         Flashers: when patients notice flashing in their vision, they may be dealing with a serious condition known as retinal tears or detachment. It is important that patients seek immediate medical assistance when these develop as it can lead to complete blindness if it persists.
  •         Macular degeneration: the macula, located in the middle of the retina, is what provides patients with clear central vision. If the macula begins to degenerate due to aging, it can cause the gradual loss of one’s central vision.
  •         Diabetic retinopathy: patients with diabetes have to manage their condition properly to reduce the risk of other diabetes-related conditions that can develop, including diabetic retinopathy. This is a condition that results from high blood sugar levels. Without proper maintenance of diabetes, blood vessels in the retinal can swell or leak blood, causing damage to the retina and resulting irreversible concerns.

Are you in need of comprehensive eye and vision health services? 

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