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Eye Services Wilmington NC Diabetes isn’t an easy issue to have, but time makes it easier to manage. You’ll quickly learn the foods to eat, and the ways to manage your health the best. Knowing how your diabetes affects your health will be key to avoiding any unfortunate complications. For example, did you know that your diabetes can impact how your eye health is? Keep reading to learn how to keep your eyes healthy when you have diabetes.

Diabetic Macular Edema

This is one of the important concerns to watch out for when you have diabetes. When a patient has diabetic macular edema, their retinal vascular structures do not operate as they should, and they leak. The macula (the center part of the retina) then thickens, causing serious issues to your eye health. Your eye doctor can help find instances of diabetic macular edema, which is why it’s important to see your eye doctor once a year.


Did you know that chances of developing cataracts go up when you have diabetes? Unfortunately, vision-impacting cataracts are indeed more common in patients with diabetes than those who don’t suffer from it. If you find that you’re having a harder time seeing, give us a call right away.

Daily Eye Checks

This little test will just take a few seconds every day, so it can be easily worked into your routine whenever it suits you. Cover each eye for a few moments every day, and check to see if the uncovered eye is still focusing as it should be. Every day, we recommend that you do this quick check to make sure your eyes are functioning normally.

Make Regular Visits

Even if you are lucky enough to have perfect vision, seeing your eye doctor regularly every year is important. It’s even more important when you have diabetes. One quick appointment every year can help you maintain your eye health. We can help you learn more about your eyes and what you should do to keep them healthy.

Regardless of your health concerns, everyone should see an eye doctor once a year. Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation today!

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