Sunglasses For Summer

We are in summer-prep mode and there’s so much to get done before we can officially call it summer. We’re finishing spring cleaning, shopping for swimsuits, and finalizing the plans on exciting summer vacation trips. But, there’s one thing you should check on before you go off camping or vacationing this summer: sunglasses.

Now is a great time to get used to bringing sunglasses with you wherever you go, and wearing them when you’re outside in the bright summer sun. Keep reading to learn why you should be incorporating sunglasses into your daily look this summer.

Sunglasses aren’t just about style, though they can make you look pretty cool. Essentially, long term exposure to UV (ultraviolet) rays can cause eye damage down the road, and that’s something we want to prevent. To make it worse, squinting from the bright sun in your eyes can cause premature wrinkling that makes you look older. Before you decide you need expensive sunglasses or grab a quick pair at the gas station and check it off your list, you should know the best feature to look for to keep your eyes healthy.

UV Protection

This is the ultimate requirement for the sunglasses you allow in your life. If you have old sunglasses and don’t remember if they offered UV protection, consider upgrading, especially if you bought them on the pier on vacation or at a gas station. They may look cool on your face, but that doesn’t mean they’re helping protect your eyes from damaging rays. UV exposure can cause problems like sunburn, skin cancer, and damage to your eyes that can lead to serious conditions later on in life. A good rule of thumb is when you think you need sunscreen, you probably also need to be wearing sunglasses.

You’ll need sunglasses that block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. These are the two types of UV rays that come from the sun. In small amounts, they can be good for us and can help us stay healthy. In fact, we need sunlight to get vitamin D. But, like many things, too much can morph those good benefits into negative ones. The percentage is the poison, as they say. When eyes experience excessive exposure to UV light, it can lead to cataracts among other problems. Excessive sunlight may even destroy the retina over the long term.

Your eyes will thank you for taking care of them now. Keep in mind that you don’t need to drop hundreds of dollars to get quality sunglasses.  If you’re not sure what you need, get in touch with us to learn more. Give us a call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Groat today.

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