Three ways diabetes can impact one’s vision and eye health

Diabetic Eye Care Patients with diabetes need to not only monitor their insulin levels, but work with a doctor to ensure their condition does not impact their vision. Vision and eye health should be monitored by a professional to catch any signs of diabetes-related issues in their earliest stages. Dr. Brian Groat and the team of Cape Fear Cataract and Cornea in Wilmington, NC can help.

Three ways diabetes can impact vision health

Dr. Brian Groat and his staff educate patients on their need for routine eye examinations, even when they are healthy. Diabetics need to pay close attention to their condition, as it can affect many other areas of the body. Dr. Brian Groat of Cape Fear Cataract and Cornea welcome patients to learn about the ways their diabetic condition impacts their eyes:

  • Blurry vision. If things are starting to look blurry, look to your blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels can cause changes in the internal lens of the eye. To correct it, monitor blood sugar and bring it back down to a healthy level. Still notify your eye doctor so a full evaluation can be completed to ensure the blurry vision is not the result of something more serious.
  • Cataracts. Cloudy vision may mean that a cataract has formed. Diabetic patients tend to get cataracts earlier than others, so an evaluation may be needed to determine what can be done for the condition if it develops.
  • Diabetic retinopathy. High blood sugar levels can cause patients to experience damage to the small blood vessels in the retina. This condition is called diabetic retinopathy, and is a result of blood sugar changes. This condition should be diagnosed and caught as early as possible to intervene and avoid blindness.

Take the time to discuss your diabetic eye care needs with Dr. Brian Groat today!

Wilmington, NC area patients who are interested in learning more about the impact of diabetes on their vision health are encouraged to book a consultation visit and initial evaluation with our team at Cape Fear Cataract and Cornea. Call (910) 769-4590 and visit us at 1915 South 17th Street, Ste. 101.

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