Understanding dry eye

istock 830297466 Do you find that your eyes are constantly dry, itchy, and uncomfortable? Are you struggling every day with dryness of the eyes that doesn’t seem to resolve itself? Do you find that you have chronic dry eye and it makes it difficult to get through the day? Dry eye is a condition that can impact anyone at any age, and can be extremely uncomfortable. With the assistance of Dr. Brian Groat and his team at Cape Fear Cataract and Cornea, men and women with dry eye can find a solution that provides effective relief each and every day!

Understanding dry eye

Dry eye is a short-term or chronic dryness that is caused by a lipid deficiency. This often occurs due to a blockage of the meibomian glands. The oils along the rims of the eyelid can help in protecting against evaporation to keep the tear film and lubricate the eyes with each blink. However, if the meibomian glands are blocked or are not functioning property, the tear film evaporates too fast and causes the eyes to become dry.

What are the symptoms of dry eye?

In addition to overall dryness, patients with chronic dry eye may also experience:

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Gritty sensations
  • Irritation/discomfort
  • Light sensitivity
  • Stinging/burning
  • Vision disturbances

What can be done for dry eye?

The type of treatment for dry eye will depend on the cause of the condition and the severity. Patients with short-term, mild dry eye can use over-the-counter drops and ointments for relief. Patients who have more severe types of chronic dry eye may benefit from a surgical procedure to unblock the meibomian glands. Certain prescription medications can also be used to increase tear production as needed for chronic dry eye sufferers.

Discuss your needs with the team at Cape Fear Cataract and Cornea

Wilmington, NC patients who are in need of care for dry eyes or other eye disorders are strongly encouraged to work with Dr. Brian Groat and his associates. Call (910) 769-4590 to request an appointment at our facility, conveniently located at 1915 South 17th Street in Suite 101. We accept new and current patients into our practice for the best possible care in vision and eye health.

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