What Can I Do About Dry Eyes?

iStock 849896584 1 Dry eyes are no fun, and not having a solution can make things more frustrating. Identifying the causes of your dry eyes can help bring you one step closer to finding relief. Here are a few tips on what may be causing your dry eyes and how we can help treat them.

Allergies and Dry Eyes

You may think of allergies as a springtime menace. But, some allergens can cause problems all year long. Grassweed, mold, dust, and pollen can compromise your tear film. When this happens, your eyes cannot produce enough lubrication to wash irritants away. Without lubrication, your eyes are dry and irritated.

Prolonged time outside exposes you to allergens and may make your symptoms worse.

Contact Lenses

A vital tool for your vision could be a key contributor to your dry eyes.

The primary location for contact lenses is on the cornea. The cornea is the only part of your eyes that receives oxygen from the air. Contact lenses can sometimes cut off the oxygen supply. Lack of oxygen to your cornea can leave your eyes feeling dry, gritty, and irritated.

Also, some contact lenses can absorb your tears. Without the lubrication from tears, contact lenses make contact with your eye. This contact creates discomfort and pain.

One way to combat this is to allow your eyes to rest and wear your glasses for a few days.

Allergy Medications

Despite our best efforts to treat allergies, sometimes medications cause unwanted side effects. Sometimes, antihistamines inhibit your eyes’ ability to make tears or cause them to evaporate more quickly.

If this happens, you may have to stop taking the medication and see a doctor for alternatives.

Treating Chronic Dry Eyes

Having dry eyes doesn’t have to bring your life to a standstill. There are many treatment options to help reduce your symptoms. Research suggests increasing your omega-3 fatty acid intake can help reduce inflammation of the oil glands in your eyes. 

Also, massaging your eyelids and light therapy can help you get relief.

Sometimes, home remedies can work for a while but may not provide a long-term solution. 

Cape Fear Cataract & Cornea provides the tools and advice you need to get answers and find relief. Schedule a consultation today by calling 910-769-4590.

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