Which Intraocular Lens Is Right for You?

contact lenses Having cataract removal surgery means making a critical decision about which intraocular lens (IOL) to choose as a replacement for your natural, clouded lens. IOLs have evolved over the years, offering various benefits and features tailored to individual needs.

At Cape Fear Cataract & Cornea, Dr. Brian Groat and his team of experienced professionals can guide you through the options, including advanced choices like light adjustable lenses and toric multifocal IOLs.

The Innovation of Light Adjustable Lenses

The light adjustable lens is one of the most recent innovations in the IOL field. This lens is customized post-surgery, enabling more precise results personalized to each patient’s needs.

The doctor uses ultraviolet light to fine-tune the magnification prescription of the lens, resulting in a personalized vision correction that’s both quick and painless. This is an excellent option for those wishing to reduce or even eliminate their dependence on eyeglasses after treatment.

Multifocal IOLs

Before 2005, patients had to choose between distance or close-up vision when opting for an IOL — but multifocal IOLs have changed the game.

These lenses correct both near and far vision. That reduces the need for additional eyewear for many activities. An adjustment period is typically required, but once the brain adapts, it can more easily select the needed visual information for objects both near and far. Multifocal lenses are also beneficial for individuals with presbyopia, a common age-related vision issue.

Toric IOLs

Astigmatism, characterized by an irregularly shaped cornea, was once a challenge to correct during cataract surgery. However, with the introduction of toric IOLs in 2006, this issue is now much more manageable.

Toric IOLs are designed to correct the asymmetric power of the eye caused by astigmatism. This grants patients with clearer vision at different distances. Special markers on the lens help the surgeon orient the IOL with high precision during the procedure, ensuring the best outcome.

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The choice of an intraocular lens is a significant decision that can affect your quality of life post-cataract surgery. If you’re considering LALs, multifocal IOLs, or toric IOLs to correct astigmatism, Cape Fear Cataract & Cornea has the experience to help you through the process.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Brian Groat today by calling 910-769-4590 and visiting his office in Wilmington, NC.

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