What Should I Do About Glaucoma?

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Glaucoma can seemingly come out of nowhere. Many people attribute it as a fact of aging and resign to leaving it at that. But, glaucoma can cause you significant issues if it’s left unchecked. Advances in technology and medicine have made treating glaucoma easier than in the past. Knowing the signs of glaucoma and how to treat it can make all the difference in a positive outlook for your eye health. Here are a few things you should know about glaucoma and how you can get it treated. 

How does Glaucoma affect you?

We may think that glaucoma only affects older adults, but the surprising truth is that it can affect people at any age. Some cases of glaucoma have been seen in infants, characterized by cloudy eyes, frequent blinking, and watering eyes. 

Adults can experience these symptoms, such as headaches, vomiting, and blurred vision.

Treatments For Glaucoma

Before the advent of modern medicine, glaucoma was a sign that someone was destined to go blind. But medical and technological advances have made it possible to treat glaucoma, and there may even be some instances of preventing it. One way to treat glaucoma that doctors rely on is topical eye drops. The topical eye drops used in treating glaucoma are more than just your standard redness drops. Some eye drops help relieve the debilitating pressure that glaucoma can bring, helping you find relief in your eyes. Other eye drops help your eyes regulate the amount of fluid your eyes produce depending on what your needs are.

Surgical Glaucoma Treatment

Although the thought of having a procedure done on your eyes can sound intimidating, surgical glaucoma treatments can help deal with symptoms and restore your quality of life. A surgical glaucoma treatment involves draining extra fluid from your eye to relieve pressure, helping to combat vision loss. Also, laser-assisted glaucoma procedures have positive outlooks and short recovery times, helping you get back to enjoying your life in a reasonable time.

Glaucoma doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your vision. Our Wilmington office can help. If you want to know what glaucoma treatment may be right for you, please schedule a consultation by calling us today at 910-769-4590.

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