When Floaters Cause Issues

woman looking happy and confident in camera 300x200 1 Many people develop floaters as they age. Floaters are specks you may find in your eye. One of their characteristics is they move from place to place, sometimes making tracking them a challenge. While most floater cases are minor, some people can experience complications. For some people, floaters can lead to problems with vision and other eye health issues.

Here are some signs you should look out for to protect your eye health if you’ve noticed floaters.

Causes for floaters

A crucial element of treating floaters is to understand what causes them. Most floater cases come naturally as part of the aging process. Our eyes undergo many changes as we age. For instance, the vitreous is a jelly-like substance that helps your eyes maintain their round shape. Over time, the vitreous breaks down, causing it to shrink and tiny fibers of the vitreous to detach from the retina. This detachment can cause disruptions in vision, such as spots, rings, or lines.

Other causes of floaters include:

  • Bleeding in the eye
  • A torn retina
  • Eye Medications
  • Surgical procedures on the eye

Why do they seem to vanish?

A characteristic of floaters that makes them unique is can sometimes drift around as you move your eyes. When floaters move around, it can be challenging to look at them directly. 

If it feels like floaters disappear when you try to look at them, this is because they can make out of your line of sight as you move your eyes.

When Floaters are serious 

While most floater cases aren’t a threat to your vision, some cases require immediate attention. If you have floaters in your eyes, it’s crucial to pay attention to warning signs of complications as they can threaten your eyesight. See a doctor immediately if you notice an increase in your number of floaters, loss of peripheral vision, or gray spots that block your vision. These symptoms may indicate a retinal tear and need immediate treatment.

Floater Treatment Options

Through a series of tests, your eye specialist can confirm a diagnosis of floaters. Based on your symptoms, your eye doctor can treat floaters with laser floater removal or surgery.

If you’ve noticed floaters in your eyes, give our Wilmington office a call. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Groat by calling today at 910-769-4590.

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