Understanding Keratoconus and How a Cornea Transplant Can Help

Blurred vision, distorted vision, clouding, sensitivity to light, and a need to increase your prescription for eyeglasses are all symptoms that can be seen as worsening eyesight. However, you may be experiencing a condition called keratoconus. Keratoconus is a condition that affects the corneas. Let’s take a deeper look at keratoconus and how a cornea transplant can […]

3 Crucial Factors to Consider About Dry Eye Treatment

At Cape Fear Cataract & Cornea we offer various dry eye treatment services to ensure your eyes are happy and healthy. Here we’ll discuss what you should be watching for when it comes to dry eyes, and when it’s time to come give us a visit. So What Are Dry Eyes? This is a good […]

Medications and Cataracts: Are They Connected?

Photo of good looking senior man holding and wear eyeglasses

Our bodies come with unique needs as we age. Although you may be in solid health, you may still need specific medications to supplement your body in ways you may not have needed to when you were younger. It’s crucial for you to remain consistent with your medication regimen to avoid complications from not taking […]

What is CRVO?

Portrait of senior woman with blue shirt

Many things can keep your eyes from performing their best, and when your eyes are compromised, it can make it challenging to go about your daily life. One way your eye health can suffer is from a condition called Central Retinal Vein Occlusion or CRVO, which can impact your vision. The experts of Cape Fear […]

How Your Diet Can Effect Your Vision

Many people work hard to ensure that their eye health remains at its best. Taking breaks from computer screens, wearing sunglasses, and avoiding irritants are all useful methods to protect your eyes. However, there is a little-known culprit that could impact your eye health, which is your diet. It surprises many people when they learn […]

Do I have to Wear Glasses After Cataract Surgery?

Happy mature couple in brand new home

Cataract removal surgery is an essential procedure to help those who are struggling with their vision. A vital part of a cataract removal procedure is removing your cloudy eye lenses and replacing them with artificial ones. An issue that many patients would run into is only having one lens replacement option, which, as a result, […]

Caring for Your Eyes This Winter

Wearing stylish black oversized coat scarf sunglasses and hat

Wintertime makes it necessary to make many adjustments to your daily life. Wearing additional layers of clothing, putting snow tires on your car, and taking extra time to prepare for your day are among the changes you must make as temperatures fall. Proper eye care is among the numerous tweaks you must make to your […]

What Should I Do About Glaucoma?

relaxed mature older adult grey haired woman drinking coffee relaxing on sofa at home.

Glaucoma can seemingly come out of nowhere. Many people attribute it as a fact of aging and resign to leaving it at that. But, glaucoma can cause you significant issues if it’s left unchecked. Advances in technology and medicine have made treating glaucoma easier than in the past. Knowing the signs of glaucoma and how […]

When Floaters Cause Issues

woman looking happy and confident in camera

Many people develop floaters as they age. Floaters are specks you may find in your eye. One of their characteristics is they move from place to place, sometimes making tracking them a challenge. While most floater cases are minor, some people can experience complications. For some people, floaters can lead to problems with vision and […]

What to Expect With a Cornea Transplant

Eye surgery for male patient

Your cornea is an essential part of how your eye functions. When it’s compromised, it can affect how you see and disrupt your quality of life. An exam can determine the best treatment to help keep your cornea functioning and healthy. If your eye doctor recommends that you need a cornea transplant, here are a […]

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